Introducing Project Trek: An RV Family on the Move

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Photo provided and article written by Christian Axness of Project Trek.

Hello Nomad Internet Readers! We are the Axness family, a full time RV family since 2016!  

Back in 2016 we sold our home, and 90% of our belongings, and moved our family into an RV. When we started living this life, if you wanted an internet plan you had to acquire it yourself. Without companies like Nomad to keep you connected, you were on your own; so we know the headache that you’re trying to avoid, trust us! And like you, we need the internet! Fast forward five years, the RV community has grown so much that a reliable service, like that provided by Nomad Internet, has become more than just a service that helps us all out. It has become a necessity.

Helps, how?” you ask. Well, if you were looking for internet 5 years ago you likely understand the headache of having to learn: what are throttle limits? What does deprioritization mean? What’s a truly grandfathered plan? And I am sure that at one-time or another you likely realized that whatever plan you had just purchased wasn’t what you thought…

So, Nomad Internet, we’d like to say thanks! Thanks for having us here!

Being a full-time RV family with two kids means that internet access is an integral part of our lives. We use it to work, plan our trips, stream Netflix, and even homeschool! Having a quality internet connection is a huge need for the traveling family. And having a reliable internet service will ensure that you aren’t caught off-guard with zero connectivity. We have the Strong Pink Plan with Nomad so we’ve been able to rest assured that our coverage needs are met. 

So that’s why I’m here guys. I’ve got strong internet, plenty of caffeine, and a few years of wisdom from years on the road that I get to share with you! 

As I mentioned, we are a homeschooling family. One of the many reasons for homeschooling is to provide a built-in opportunity for exploration. It can be difficult to find good ways to explore the world around us, but the web has been a blessing. Whether they're learning about regions in the country we plan on visiting or exploring distant cultures and nations on other continents, there's no shortage of information available online, if you have the internet.

Here’s a few ways that we use the internet while traveling & homeschooling our kids:

  • Learn about the culture of each region we visit. We research regional foods, music, celebrations/holidays, art & architecture; basically anything that is representative of the area. Not only do our kids get to learn more history and geography in a meaningful way (instead of just reading out of textbooks), but they also gain appreciation for what makes each region special.

  • Learn about the local flora & fauna of each area we visit. Since it’s not always possible for us to take our kids on a hike, we research different plants and animals that are native to where we are visiting, and use our internet to plan trips to an aquarium or zoo when we can so they can be familiar with what they might see when we get there.

  • Study local history in each area we visit. Whether it’s the monuments/museums of a city or visiting historic landmarks in an open-air museum (like Williamsburg), our kids gain so much from learning about how people have lived throughout time and this helps them understand why things are different in different places.

  • We use the internet to help us plan our trip itineraries and RV adventures! We can’t tell you how many hours we spend looking at maps, researching campgrounds and attractions in an area that we want to visit. If there isn’t a blog post written about it by someone who has been there, then we’ve scoured travel books and tried to find any information available online.

  • Homeschooling courses! Yes, the web has made homeschooling so much easier for us while traveling in an RV. We use a combination of different websites that are designed specifically for homeschoolers which makes it easy to follow a curriculum and gives us a chance to learn together as a family.

  • We use Nomad Internet’s wireless hotspots for entertainment! We have Netflix, Amazon Prime, Sling TV (for homeschooling), etc. that we can access from anywhere which means our kids don't get bored when we're on the road.

As you can see, the internet is an integral part of our lives for many reasons. We use it to work, plan trips, homeschool and even entertain ourselves! However, if we don't have a reliable connection then none of that matters. That's why we recommend Nomad Internet - they are affordable and come with reliable data plans so you never have to worry about lack of connectivity while traveling in your RV or on vacation. Let them know what type of coverage area you need (either nationwide or regional) and they'll set up everything for you automatically! 

We hope you’ll decide to stay in touch with us by following along. Our goal is to help families experience the benefits of long-term family travel & having reliable internet is a key component of making that happen! We’ll catch you next month with another article on visiting Las Vegas with the kids.

Until then, follow us here for daily treats and tips!
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  • Mac

    Do you need to park near a cell tower in order to get strong enough internet for the school classes or work you need to do or can you park anywhere and still get strong enough internet for work/school?
    Nomad Internet replied:
    Hi Mac! Proximity to a tower will definitely affect your service potential. The closer you are to a local tower, the better the service connection will be. That’s not to say that you’ll have no service if you’re further away, but it might strain the connection depending on how far away you are. We like to use the analogy of a pie; the more people eating, the smaller the piece everyone gets, and then further away from a tower you are, the smaller the overall pie is! We’ve found that cell boosters can be a super effective way to amplify service in areas that are more remote and our team can certainly discuss any questions you have if you’d like to reach out to our support team for specifics!

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