All You Need to Know About Pocket Wi-Fi and How to Use It

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Whether you reside in a rural area or are ever on the go, the Internet keeps us connected. It has made the world a global village. Thanks to this interconnectivity, a minute of being offline can cause you to miss out on a lot immensely.

Whereas Nomad Internet provides you with access to rural Internet from your home's comfort, what can you do when planning to travel? On the road, travelers need a fast and stable Internet connection, considering that they have all the time they need to surf. Luckily, a device called Pocket Wi-Fi is created to meet the needs of such occasions.

Using pocket Wi-Fi is a clever way to remain connected to the Internet at all times. What is this tool, and how does it work? Read on to learn more about it.

What is a Pocket Wi-Fi?

Terms such as Mi-Fi, Portable Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi egg, and Wi-Fi dongle all refer to the same thing – Pocket Wi-Fi. This is a device whose size is almost similar to that of a standard smartphone battery for easy carrying. It allows you just to drop it in your pocket and forget that it is there.

Do not mistake the tiny size of Pocket Wi-Fi for its connectivity capability. It can transmit signals up to 50 feet and allows as many as ten devices to connect. The sheer convenience that this connection brings is one that can potentially blow your mind. Security is also something that can trouble you. By default, it has a secret password that only you know and can share with the people you want to connect.

Using a Pocket Wi-Fi from a provider with widespread coverage ensures that you are never inconvenienced. It guarantees connectivity everywhere you are.

How does Pocket Wi-Fi work?

The working mechanism of a Pocket Wi-Fi is similar to that of any Internet connection. The only difference is that this device gives you a chance to move around with it as opposed to the traditional router.

It operates based on the Subscriber Identity Module, or what is famously called SIM card. You need the SIM card to connect to the specific cellular network. It happens in the same way that smartphones do. As opposed to using the SIM Card for phone calls, it is loaded with data bundles. The device then creates a wireless network to share its Internet.

Who is the ideal candidate for Pocket Wi-Fi?

Pocket Wi-Fi works best for individuals looking for a safe and stable Internet connection on the move. If your job warrants you to move from place to place, this device will work best for you. Similarly, those traveling because of a trip and many other reasons will find the gadget very helpful.

Even though the portable Wi-Fi battery promises to take you through a major part of your day, you are likely to run out of power if you are going to be on the move for a long time. To prevent this from happening, carry along a power bank or even spare battery if possible.


No special requirements are needed to use Pocket Wi-Fi. It is a sure way to maintain a stable Internet connection when traveling to a different area, far from your usual Internet service. Some people even use Pocket Wi-Fi as their home internet source when they feel the cost of installing home Wi-Fi is too expensive. However, doing so is discouraged, considering that home routers are more advanced in the security offered.


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